Asav arose out of a long-standing desire to provide a forum for India's artisans to showcase their art; and is nurtured with zeal, love and careful curation.

Rooted in India's craft traditions, we collaborate with rural artisans to uplift the community and their skills, motivate women in rural society by creating ancient art with a modern contemporary touch to gel with urban audiences. Asav has a wide range of sustainable and natural products from passionate artisans of rural Karnataka and other parts of the country, which can be used in everyday life. Our products are chemical-free and the finest of natural, organic products produced by skilled craftsmen with enthusiasm.

Entertainment has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. As a diverse nation, we enjoy action, romance, and thriller films, as well as binge-watching our favourite shows. At Asav, innovation and creativity are always synergistic. We offer a unique approach to designing and manufacturing movie merchandise to complement contemporary India.

Asav aims to support the rural community and create an ecosystem to enrich the interaction of local producers with urban audiences. To provide technical support to artisans to maximise output.